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At 3:45 pm EDT on a Saturday, I get a panicked call from my daughter. Awakening from a rare afternoon nap, my eyes tried to register what I was looking at on the screen of my iPhone.

“Mom! Help! My hair!”

She was at her father’s house and had gone outside to play when suddenly she fell backwards into bur-bearing plants. Burs are little dried things (considered a fruit or seed) with hooks and teeth-like structures. There were thousands of them, and they hooked into her long brown hair.

I ran to get her and bring her back home with…

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Guys, guys, guys.

I am just going to put it out there and say that this won’t be politically correct. It’s about a topic we’re still writing about and yet, can never get enough of — online dating.

I have questions.

Cringe, wince, cower and quiver.

For days, I’ve been sitting here, testing out three different dating platforms to see the topography of men in the region. I’m trying to give myself hope that one day, maybe, possibly, there will be someone out there for me. …

Self esteem – It looks like seagull poop

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It’s been years since I’ve managed to spend real quality time with my kids. Mainly because there are two of them, and being a single mom doesn’t give me that kind of luxury lately. Oh, right, and the Covid visitor is lurking around town, making babysitters rarer than black opal.

With a new parenting plan in the mix during the lockdown, I thought maybe we could switch kids up and give them our undivided attention for 2h every week. It worked for a while. …

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I am saddened, shaken, and affected by the desperate outcry of Black people and POC around the world. We are finally at a historical turning point in our modern world that will help to dismantle our society.

Countless Black men and women have died in the hands of white supremacy. They have suffered unfathomable pain, harmed by generations of loss, and systemic racism. We must talk about it. It is time to listen to the wails of humanity and decide to stop this violence. It is time to start asking ourselves some earnest questions.

The call to action has been…

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It’s as good a day as any to ask the universe whether I’ll ever be someone’s Sassenach?

No, I’m not British. Nor am I Scottish or Irish or anglophone, or Saxon. I can, though, mirror the accents nearly to perfection — but bear with me.

At the cusp of our changing world, my mind is flooding with questions about the near and far future.

The “virus-that-must-not-be-named” has forced us to imagine all sorts of scenarios that might lead us to our death. Well, I have imagined some anyway.

As a kid, I read a lot of thrillers and war novels…

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When we find ourselves in the middle of a crossroads, it’s often hard to choose which way to go. Sometimes it may even seem impossible. For those of us who are slightly indecisive, a good tip is to choose the path that will allow you to turn around at least partway if you change your mind.

It’s a little like being on a roundabout — you can go ahead and choose an exit, but you can turn back around and start again.

Life will present us with many questions, some of them will have to be answered very carefully. Our…

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When I was a young girl, I passed up on a lot of opportunities to defend myself. I would shrug silently when the kids in my class would laugh and rhyme my last name with “hamburger” (yes, “Kay” is my pseudonym). I calculated that they would get bored and move along, and frankly, it was not the worst scenario. So I let it slip.

There were times in my life that I wanted to defend my brother and didn’t. There were times I tried to protect my sister and didn’t. There were times I wanted to stand up for my…

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My favorite disappearing act is when Harry Potter uses the invisibility cloak to roam the premises of Hogwarts unnoticed. And lately, that’s how I feel. Well, not like Harry Potter, nor like roaming a sorcerer’s castle — but instead like I’ve got this invisibility cloak and can’t figure out how to take it off. I can see which way I’m going, but as I step towards a path, the cloak gets in the way and rubs out my direction.

Are you disappearing too?

Here’s the thing… there are certain things that we do that make us pull our invisibility act…

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I read somewhere that the first draft of anything is shit.

It’s the same thing with our inner selves.

Just like a beautiful novel that has been written a few times before it splendidly shows up on a shelf, the first “draft” of ourselves is crap. I’m not talking about the essence we are born with, or who we were as kids.

We are essentially a product of our interactions and our environment, and it takes time to unlearn and deconstruct what you think you know of yourself, in order to write a better draft of you.

Garbage Throw Me…

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For years I have motivated myself to reach my objectives. I was a free electron of self-motivation, and my parents never had to interject or interfere with my process of growing up. I studied on my own, got my grades, went to the university of my choice, and completed a Masters and many other certifications and degrees. I married young, had two daughters, and entered ‘divorce-land’ too (a stupendous rollercoaster ride). Many things happened before I turned 38 — while at the same time, I have a nagging question in my head asking “what have you achieved?”

It’s a little…

Karen Kay

I write to explore fear, courage and growth. I help others bibbidi bobbidi boo words so they don’t have to, even past midnight.

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